Manifesting Success Story – My Perfect Carpet Delivered Right to My Door

This is such a fun manifestation success story and it’s one of my favorite ones. Similar to when I thought I was going to work with a teacher I didn’t like, this was a time when things didn’t seem like they were going to work out. But then they did. Perfectly.

My husband and I manifested our perfect house in 2004 and over time, with having children and pets, the carpet that we put in when we first moved was getting worn and stained. It bothered me a lot. I was embarrassed to have people over because it looked so bad.

We finally decided it was time to replace the carpets and, like all married couples do, we went to The Home Depot to see what they had.

As I was looking through all the different samples, a particular carpet caught my eye. It was a semi-shaggy carpet that was brownish and specked with beige throughout. It was perfect for a family with pets and kids because it would hide things, and I just loved the way it felt as I ran my hands through it.

“Oooh, it feels so nice and soft.”

After I saw that carpet, I kept imagining over and over how it would feel to walk on that carpet. I would see our stained carpet in the “real” world, but I would keep picturing my feet walking on the new, soft carpet in my mind’s eye.

It’s Too Expensive

As I mentioned in my story about how I manifested my laptop, we were pretty broke back then. Getting carpeting and getting installed from The Home Depot would just be too expensive. So my husband found some guys who would do it for much less.

The problem was…

These guys brought carpet samples and they didn’t have anything close to my perfect carpet.

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But it was OK. I picked something that I thought would do. Was it ideal? No. But was I going to cry about it? Not too much.

The Perfect Carpet Appeared at My Door

But then…

One day, I was coming home from work and as I turned the corner to head to the front door, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

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A sample of my perfect carpet was sitting right by my door. Like it just appeared out of thin air.

I looked around, just blinking in shock. “How did this get here?”

It turns out that the guys we hired dropped off more carpet samples. One of them being the exact carpet that I wanted! It was right on top. Front and center.

It’s like the Universe delivered exactly what I wanted, right to my front door!

Needless to say, that’s the carpet we ended up getting. And every day when I walk on it (especially after a fresh vacuuming), I see my feet and it’s exactly the way that I pictured it in my mind.

Here’s a picture of a couple of my pets on the carpet. My dog is Luna and this cat is Toot.

There’s Luna again. And this is another cat, Teddy.

Now I feel bad leaving out our last cat. So this doesn’t have anything to do with the carpet, but here’s Tina. 😁

Anyway, I love our carpet! (And there’s a chance that you will hate it, but that’s totally fine. We’re all different!) Even more, I love the way that I got it. Isn’t life fun and full of surprises?

Things always work out for me. This is my mantra, and I encourage you to make it yours too.

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