Manifesting Success Story – You Don’t Always Need to Be Happy

Several years ago, I worked at an elementary school as a paraprofessional – a teacher’s aide in the special education department. Every summer a letter would come in the mail to let you know which teacher you’re working with.

This particular year, there was another aide who worked at the school and she worked with a teacher that she did not get along with.

At all.

She would come into the lunch room telling us horror stories about this teacher.

And, I lived near this aide so when I was out walking, sometimes I would see her and she would tell me even more horror stories.

This particular teacher made aides cry.

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After hearing about all of these stories, and knowing how the Law of Attraction works, I knew deep down that when I got my letter in the mail, it would have her name on it.

Did I want it to happen? Absolutely not.

But I just knew…

And that’s exactly what happened. Did I freak out about it? Of course I did.

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Let’s rewind a bit and go back to the previous school year. There was a teacher I had worked with when I first started at this school, and I remember proclaiming during lunch one day, “I really loved working with Mrs. V, and I’d love to work with her again!”

I really was hoping all this time that I would work with her, but now I had this letter and instead of working with Mrs. V, I was about to work with the teacher that made aides cry.

I remember calling my friend and freaking out to her on the phone. She encouraged me to call the school principal.

I hate calling people.

But I did it. I had to.

I let the principal know that I wasn’t comfortable working with this teacher and that it likely wasn’t going to work out for us.

She explained that she thought I would get along well with her because of my chill personality. But she understood and she then went on to explain how the aide that was supposed to work with Mrs. V just quit and that spot opened up.

“Would that work for you?”, she said.

Why yes, yes it would.

The aide just happened to quit at the perfect time.

Things always work out for me. (This is a mantra you should adopt in your own life if you haven’t already.)

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you’ll go through the absolute wringer, only to have things work out perfectly in the end? I don’t know why that happens.

Is the Universe testing us? Does it just make things more fun and interesting for us, like being on the edge of your seat in an intense scene in a movie? Or is it just how the process has to work in order to get us what we want?

I’m not sure, but I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Has this type of thing happened to you before? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

You Don’t Need to Be Happy All the Time

This manifestation success story proves that you don’t need to be happy all the time to get what you want.

In fact, you can get something you REALLY don’t want, freak out about it, and still end up with exactly what you want in the end.

That’s the power of the Universe. That’s what I want you to know via this website. You don’t always have to feel in a positive uplifted mood. That’s not possible. We’re humans, not robots.

And it’s OK.

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to assume that things can always work out for you in the end. Because if you assume this, it has to be true in your outer world.

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