Manifesting Success Story – Free Hershey Park Tickets

When my kids were at their elementary school, every May they would have something called Spring Fair. It’s a fun event with different games, activities, and food trucks. Like a mini carnival.

One of their most popular events was a raffle. They would have all kinds of prizes that they raffled off. You could enter for a chance to win things like a baking basket, an American Girl doll, a money tree (with actual cash on it), a laptop, and everything in between.

Well, this one particular year, they had a prize to win Hershey Park tickets. If you don’t know, Hershey Park is a chocolate-themed amusement park in Hershey, PA.

I love amusement parks and would happily pay to go, but the rest of my family doesn’t really love them. (I don’t know where they come from. Who doesn’t like amusement parks??)

So I said, “I want to win the Hershey Park tickets because I want to go, but I don’t want to pay for them.”

I figured that if I won the tickets, I wouldn’t feel as bad if my kids (and husband) didn’t go on many of the rides. It wouldn’t be a waste of money.

I’m sure you figured out by now that I won the tickets.

Here’s a picture of me and my fam standing at the entrance. (This was in 2017, for reference.)

I personally loved it, and I think they had a good time too.

Although… I made my kids go on the log flume and they got mad because I told them the hill wasn’t very big (it wasn’t) and they thought it was HUGE! So dramatic! 😆

This was a manifestation that was extremely easy. I just said that I wanted to win and *poof*! Done! I didn’t worry or obsess about it at all. It was a “wouldn’t it be nice?” type of thing.

More Manifested Wins

Hershey Park tickets weren’t the only thing I have won in the past.

I will do a separate post on this, but I used to be a “sweeper”, which is someone who enters a lot of sweepstakes for cash and prizes. This is a great hobby for someone who likes to deliberately manifest.

I have won:

  • a $1000 shopping spree
  • an iPad
  • an iPod (when they existed)
  • a trip to the Bahamas
  • Disney on Ice tickets
  • Gift cards
  • A vacuum
  • Tons of little items

There’s only one piece of advice I want to give you for winning things. You’ve got to be in it to win it. Lame, I know. But most people don’t enter things because they assume they won’t win.

I want you to assume you CAN win (because you can) and enter with that frame of mind.

Your assumptions are what create your reality.

Now, I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment if you’ve ever won anything. How did it come about? Tell me your stories below!

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