Manifesting Success Story – Strange Request and Missing Keys

I’m sure you’ve had a time in your life when your keys went missing. It happened to me too, but my keys reappeared seemingly out of thin air in this weird and amazing way.

Let me tell you what happened because I find this one to be one of the most fascinating things that has happened to me in my life so far.

It all started with a Facebook friend request.

The Unusual Facebook Friend Request

My brother’s friend from High School sent me the request, which might not seem that unusual to you.

However, my mom and dad were split up, and this brother lived with my dad, and my other brother and I lived with my mom.

So we didn’t go to the same High School.

I didn’t really know who this person was. I only knew her name. I accepted her request anyway.

After scrolling through her account, I quickly realized she was in the late stages of cancer and didn’t have much longer to live.

Which made her friend request to me even stranger.

She passed away on October 18, 2012.

The Magical Tree

I remember that day very clearly because I saw that she had passed away right before I was headed out to the park near me.

I said a silent prayer, wishing her a smooth transition to the afterlife.

As I walked around the park (a 5-mile loop), I noticed how absolutely breathtaking everything was. The sky was bright blue and the trees were full of radiant colors.

But there was this one particular tree that stood out to me.

It was so stunning that it practically knocked me over. I stood there looking at it in awe for a minute before moving on. It shot into the bright, blue sky, chock full of the most beautiful red and orange leaves you’ve ever seen.

(I have been back to this same park many, many times and I haven’t seen any tree look that stunning since then.)

I kept walking, admiring all the other trees and at this point, I was about halfway around the 5-mile loop.

And then I noticed something.

My keys were missing.


I looked all around me. No keys.

Panic was setting in because I needed to pick my kids up from school soon. The park wasn’t that far from their school or my in-law’s house, but it would take too long to get to either of those places before my kids got out.

I would have to trace my steps back to see if I could find my keys, but I was 2.5 miles into my walk. It would take way too long to go all the way back!

I started to retrace my steps back anyway because what else could I do? I looked everywhere for the keys as I walked. I went back past that big, beautiful tree.


I kept going and asked some kind strangers if they had seen any keys on their way. They hadn’t.

I said in my mind, “If anyone out there can hear me, can you please help me find my keys?”

And then it happened.

The Magic Tree – Part II

I figured I would head to the Visitor’s Center and give them my information in case anyone ended up finding the keys. I would then call my in-laws or my husband to come to pick me up.

I felt a little better now that I had a plan. But then…

As I walked back the other way again, I went past that gorgeous tree one more time. And there, laying right at the trunk, were my keys.

Right out in the open.

As if they were there the whole time.

I KNOW I walked past that tree and specifically looked around it because I had spent a minute there admiring it. I thought maybe my keys had dropped then.

They weren’t there.

As soon as I asked for help, they showed up.

Did Danielle help me? Was it my guardian angels? Was it just luck as some stranger found them and put them there? (Even though I had *just* been there a couple of minutes before.)

I suppose we’ll never know for sure. But I do know that this world is an interesting place and I 100% know there’s a vastness to the Universe that we can’t see.

And within that Universe is help and guidance that we can tap into. What a great reminder that was that particular day. What a fascinating series of events that unfolded…

Isn’t life fun?

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