The Untethered Soul Book Review

Writing The Untethered Soul book review might be one of the easiest things I’ve ever had to do. I just gave it a second listen recently, and I’m about to listen to it for the third time. Why? Because it’s that important. It’s that intriguing, insightful and interesting. In fact, I think it should be required reading for every person on the planet. At least, every person who actually wants to have a good life.

The Untethered Soul – My Rating

Product: Self-development / Spiritual

Price: $9.99 – $19.31 (Depending on the format)

Available in Audio?: Yes

My Rating: 10 out of 10

Who Are You?

The Untethered Soul starts with this question. Who are you? No, but really. Who are you? Not your name, your height, your weight, who you’re married to. Those are just ideas made up from thoughts. Who is thinking those thoughts? Who is inside looking out into the world through your eyes?

Did you ever have that thought before? Who’s really behind your body? I once did in a flash. I was in the car and I had that exact thought. “Who or what is looking through my eyeballs?” It was such a short brush of intense insight, but such a fascinating perspective to have. I really felt the question – and the answer.

What’s looking out through your eyes, experiencing the world through your body is YOU. The real you. The internal you. The you that’s your higher self. Your soul.

Your Annoying Roommate

Do you ever really listen to your thoughts? Do you hear what they’re saying? Michael Singer likens them to a really annoying roommate. They say things like “Is this a good dress? Nah, I don’t really like this one. Look at my butt. My butt looks so big in this dress. I wonder if Jeremy would like it. He probably won’t. He only likes plain dresses. But he might like this one.”

Just constant chatter.

Over and over and over again.

Meaningless chatter.

And this chatter can sometimes talk us in or out of certain things.

Instead of listening to the chatter, you can just observe it. Observe it and then let it go. Oh, here’s a thought, and there it goes.

This helps because sometimes the inner chatter creates resistance to things. If you can just notice the chatter come and go, you can let go whatever the chatter is and the resistance won’t have a chance to bother you. Resistance makes you feel upset, tight, frustrated, angry or even just bored.

When you’re open and not resistant, you feel light, happy, content and energized.

We Are Spinning on a Globe in the Middle of Space

This is something that Michael Singer mentions a few times. We are spinning on a little globe in the middle of space. The way he uses it is to put things into perspective. For instance, let’s say someone cut in front you in line at Starbucks. Super annoying, right? So what?!

We are on a globe spinning in infinite space.
Photo by Simone Busatto on Unsplash

We’re spinning on a globe in the middle of freaking space!

In other words, it’s not that big of deal!

If you can keep this perspective in mind as you go throughout your days, you can perhaps begin to understand that you don’t need to worry about these little things. Who cares if someone cut you off in line at Starbucks? Does that really matter? Should it turn your whole inner world upside down? Who pays for that? You do. You punish yourself in that way. You set up walls and create resistance.-

Go Behind Your Thoughts

The main concept in The Untethered Soul is to just notice your thoughts passing by. If something unpleasant happens to you (and it will because that’s life), go behind the thoughts and the feelings. Allow the feelings to happen. Allow them to come and then to go.

This is not easy. All of your thoughts will want to go toward that thing that has happened. You will want to close up and become resistant. But if you can go “behind” your thoughts and feelings and just observe them as they pass through your body and mind, you can stay in balance.

Staying in Balance

Life is a balance.
Photo by Kevin Horstmann on Unsplash

Staying in balance is a big concept in this book. You don’t want to be too far one way or the other with anything. Let’s say you love to eat. (uh, yea, that’s me! Check out my other site

On the one hand, if you eat too much you can gorge yourself to death. On the other hand, you can swing all the way to the other side and starve yourself to death. In order to live in the best way possible, you will want to be in the middle. You want to eat just enough to keep your body healthy.

This is true with everything, including relationships too. You don’t want to smother your partner, but you also don’t want to spend all of your time apart. Neither way will work. You want to find a balance. It seems like the most logical thing in the world, but I see all kinds of people out of balance. Do you? Are you out of balance? I’m not always in balance.

Staying in balance, again, goes back to just observing your thoughts, feelings and emotions instead of letting your thoughts take over. When you just notice your thoughts, feelings and emotions and let them pass through you, this is how you stay in balance.

Let’s go back to the eating example. If you’re upset about something, so you eat to make yourself feel better, this is not in balance. You’re letting your thoughts rule you. Let those thoughts pass through. Let them go. Let the free flowing energy fill you. Then you’ll be in balance.

Life Experiences Are a Gift

I only gave you a very few snippets of what this book is about. But I hope it was enough to see how powerful it really is. This book teaches you how to be happy. No matter what your circumstances are.

Things happen in life. Sometimes those things don’t seem good. But they’re experiences. And every single life experience is a gift in some way.

Michael Singer even gives the perspective that death is a gift. That’s a beautiful chapter that I think you’ll really enjoy. I know it made me think a little differently about my demise and the certain demise of everyone around me.

Get this book. Have an open mind when you read it, or listen to it. Then listen to it again. And maybe again until the concepts sink in. It might not get there the first time.

This is your work. This is your journey to grow. This is the fun of life. Truly enjoy it.

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One Side Note

Michael Singer has another book called The Surrender Experiment. If you’re only going to read two books in your life, they should be The Untethered Soul and the Surrender Experiment. I’ll review that one in another post at a later date. For now, enjoy untethering your soul from your thoughts.

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