The Law of Attraction Book That Really Changed My World

In my last post, we went over The Secret, a book centered around the Law of Attraction that started me down an exciting new path in my life. It’s funny. I realized some times in my life when I used Law of Attraction but didn’t even know it! In fact, I mentioned how my and my husband’s perfect house came into being through Law of Attraction. I didn’t know anything about LOA at that time. The Law of Attraction is a Universal law that is working, all the time, every time whether you know it or not. When you do know about it, that’s when it gets fun. Because now you can start to deliberately bring things into your life – just the way you imagine them to be! And I learned this lesson even deeper in the Law of Attraction book that really changed my world. The book that really changed some things for me is The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham. When I stood in Barnes and Noble on my lunch break, and I picked up the book (the audio version, which I highly recommend, but we’ll get to that), I thought “Ugh, this looks way too spiritual.”

The Law of Attraction

But there was something about what Abraham was saying in The Secret (Abraham is in the original movie version, not the updated one) that I couldn’t shake. So I bought the audio book anyway. And I put the CD in my car. And things were just different after that.

Who or What is Abraham?

OK, first, let’s get this out of the way. Because this is not something that’s going to resonate with everyone. Abraham is a spiritual energy that communicates through a woman named Esther Hicks. Some people say that Esther channels Abraham, but she never uses that terminology. Rather, she says that she’s tapping into infinite intelligence. From the website, “Abraham has described themselves as ‘a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension'”. The first CD in Law of Attraction explains a bit more about who Abraham is. Abraham speaking though Esther isn’t a new concept. This is something that happens fairly regularly. Seth Speaks is a book in which a non-physical entity named Seth speaks through a woman named Jane Roberts. And Conversations with God is a book series where Neale Donald Walsch “hears” (downloads is a better terms) words from God and writes them onto paper. Perhaps you’ve even done your own form of channeling. Maybe you’re not bringing in an entity that’s speaking through you, but if you’ve ever been in the zone when you’ve painted, or played music, or played basketball, that’s a form of channeling. You’re almost being taken over by a force that is greater than your physical body. In a good way though!

Why I Recommend the Audio Version of The Law of Attraction

If you’re intrigued enough by the idea of The Law of Attraction book, then I highly, highly recommend the audio version. What happens in this book is that Jerry Hicks (Esther’s now deceased husband) asks a series of questions to Abraham. It’s all things you would want to ask Abraham if you had the chance. What I love about this is that this is in Esther’s earlier days and her voice really highlights the power and wisdom of Abraham. Now, if you find them on YouTube, Esther’s voice is very smooth. The words are still powerful, but early Abraham in The Law of Attraction book is definitely something otherworldly. I didn’t grow up with religion or spirituality at all. And when I put this audio into my car for the first time, it hit me right in the gut. I knew it was what I was missing from my life. I now understand how important that piece is to life, and I understood it so clearly that day. I put the audio in, and I understood it as “truth” immediately. To my very core. That’s not to say you would have the same reaction. Especially if you already have a spiritual background, but I believe you will still get a lot out of this audio because Abraham goes on to explain how we can create our own reality. THAT is the fun part.

Interesting Things Happened After Listening

After listening to The Law of Attraction for a couple of days, my energy was so high it was almost uncomfortable. But what’s amazing is that I would ask the “Universe” for something, and it would come within a day or two. Here are a couple of examples: 1. I asked the U for a gift. It didn’t matter what, just a gift. A couple of days later, we had our in-laws over for a cookout, and my sister-in-law brought my husband and I a gift. It was a little grill that had a place for ketchup and mustard. 2. One of my most favorite manifestations happened at this time. We were going to my husband’s co-worker’s wedding. I asked the U for something really interesting to happen that night. That’s all. Just something interesting or exciting. Well, we were chatting with the people at our table, and one of the women asked us if we had kids and we said “Yes, we have a son named Frankie.” She said “My sister has a son named Frankie!” Then I said “Oh that’s cool! And we have a daughter named Lia.” And she said “My sister’s daughter is also named Lia!” We confirmed that the spelling of Lia was the same. Earth shattering? No! What I asked for? Precisely!

You Get What You Think About

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash
What I’ve learned from The Law of Attraction book and from other teachers since then, is that you get what you think about. Or, rather, you get what you’re most energetically thinking about. One of the things in The Law of Attraction book that stands out for me, and something I still think about ALL the time, is Abraham emphatically states that you have to have powerful, positive energy on something in order to manifest it in your life. POWERFUL, POSITIVE energy. This is key. You can’t be all willy-nilly about what you want. When I first put those CDs in my car, I had such powerful, positive energy that it was easy for me to manifest. At some point, I’ll have to tell you how I manifested my computer with this type of energy. It’s probably my most favorite manifestation story, and the most fun I’ve ever had manifesting (so far)! Stay tuned! If you’re ready to really be blown away by some knowledge and insight, I highly recommend The Law of Attraction book. In audio form!

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If you get the book, or if you’ve already listened to it, leave me a comment below and tell me what you think. Did it change your life in any way?

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