It Works Book Review: A Little Book That Helps Make Your Dreams Come True

It Works: The Famous Little Red Book that Makes Your Dreams Come True

That is the full title of this book. And it’s almost longer than the book itself. It Works is a tiny book that packs a BIG punch.

It Works – My Rating

Product: Self-development / Law of Attraction

Price: $1.99 – $4.00 (Depending on the format)

Available in Audio?: Yes

My Rating: 10 out of 10

I usually get the audio book versions of law of attraction books, mostly because I want to get all the information into my brain as quick as possible. However, this time I opted for the paperback copy. (And I don’t think there’s an audio version available right now, so that helped make my decision a bit easier!) It literally takes about 10-15 minutes to get through this little book. (It’s actually called a pamphlet on Amazon. It’s that small.)

But don’t let that fool you.

Even though it’s only 27 pages, it may be the best 27 pages you’ll ever read about bringing the desires you want into your life.

Write It Down

I’m not going to give away all the secrets of this little book, but one of the key things is writing down your desires and reading to them to yourself several times a day.

This is not a new concept.

But I’m learning this is an important concept.

It’s the main idea used in one of my favorite books, Write It Down, Make It Happen. It’s also a main concept in a book I’m listening to now from Bob Proctor, You Were Born Rich. (Review coming soon on this AMAZING book! Which is actually more like a seminar. In any case, stay tuned!)

Bob Proctor said that the first desire he wanted was $25,000. (That was a LOT of money back then.) He wrote it on a note card, stuck it in his pocket and read it several times a day until…

he began to believe it would happen.

Ah ha! Belief is KEY.

The 3 Steps You Need to Get What You Want

In this book, there are 3 steps to getting anything you want.

1. Decide what you want. (This is probably the most important step. What do you actually want? Make a FIRM DECISION.)

2. Write it down.

3. Read it until you believe it will happen.

It sounds simple, and it is. As long as you have #1 down. You have to have a clear, focused desire. I think that’s where most people (including myself) get tripped up.

Figure out exactly what you want. And then it will be yours.

I Absolutely Recommend This Book.

I think it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I love that it’s so small. I can take it with me anywhere! Why would I do that? Because it needs to be read more than once.

Repitition, repitition, repitition.

This is how things stick into our brains. This is how belief forms. And this little book is so easy fast and easy to read that it will be no problem rereading the book until you completely get the concepts and fully understand them.

Do you want to start getting what you desire right away? Let this little gem show you the way!

Click Here to Buy It Works. It’ll Be the Best Couple of Bucks You’ve Ever Spent!


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