Become a Master of Manifesting and Create Your Own Reality

The Purpose of

I was listening to an Abraham video on YouTube recently, and it was such a powerful video that it really got the hairs on my arms to stand up. And within this audio, Abraham was saying “You are a manifesting genius. YOU are a master of manifesting! You can have it all!”

And I thought “Yessssss!”

I know I’m a master of manifesting. Many things have happened in my life to prove that.

And I believe YOU are a master at manifesting too. But are you manifesting what you WANT? Or are you manifesting by default?

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With this site, I want to guide you toward learning how to manifest all the desires and experiences you want out of this life. Because, let’s face it, why else are we here?

I just refuse to believe that we’re here to slave away day after day in a job that we hate, only to come home to piles of laundry and dirty dishes. What kind of life is that?

Instead, we’re here to create the experiences that we choose to live. (Yes, you’ll still have to do laundry, but I can recommend some great books to listen to while you do so that you can continue on this journey of learning and experiencing! You’ll also still likely need a way to make money. But wouldn’t it be more fun to get paid for something that you love to do? You can manifest that.)

Let’s work together to hone our skills and become true masters of manifesting. We’re sitting here on this ball in the sky right now for a reason. From my understanding, that reason is to expand the universe through our physical experiences.

So let’s not waste that opportunity by getting bogged down in day-to-day mundane reality. (What the heck is reality anyway? That’s something we’ll be exploring.) Instead, let’s figure out what we truly want, what things excite us, and let’s manifest those things and experiences into our lives.

The Universe is depending on it!

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